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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

A Hateful Message

Christians and others vehemently condemn the Muslim world for teaching a message of hate and violence. Of course, to use the terms “hate and violence” is a redundancy because hate begets violence as surely as anything. Yet the Christian message that all non-Christians go to Hell is a patently hateful one. How in God’s name can the ones who preach such exclusive righteousness and such a miserable outcome for all others then display such outrage over the same belief and attitude in others? 


All those who hold to this theology need to seriously look in the mirror and ask how that is any different from the Muslim position. If the difference is not something more substantial than who is reading the right book and hearing the right messenger, then the difference is superficial and insufficient. If the story is the same, namely that some are exclusively the children of God because of having embraced the correct doctrine, then the resulting mindset and attendant attitude will lead to the same hateful outcome. It could not be otherwise.


I am sure that the average Christian will quickly respond that their claim to exclusiveness and spiritual superiority does not result in violence. In fact it does and historically has resulted in exactly that. Christians are conditioned to feel oppressed and alienated from the world at large. They preach a God of extreme violence and order their minds to embrace the idea that righteousness is achieved through struggle, conflict, and ultimately annihilation. Their purported message of God’s love always devolves to the brutal notion that God’s love is subverted by His need for justice, though it is justice of a kind that is abhorrent to the human mind. The Christian picture promotes and celebrates violence in their fundamental understanding of God’s basic nature. A religion that teaches a violent, malevolent, vengeful God is inherently a violent, malevolent religion, and in no fundamental way different from radical Islam.