Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

A Faith That Fits

As I have suggested before, we all fundamentally interpret the Bible the same way, by accepting certain passages as basic and then ignoring or re-interpreting other passages in light of these “fundamentals”. Based on that realization, I now feel free to reject some of the traditional basics and embrace new ones. Some would call this an act of arrogance, arraying my limited knowledge against thousands of years of church history and doctrinal development. Perhaps, in some sense it is arrogant, but I feel compelled to personalize my understanding of the Bible as an essential element in what I would call spiritual sanity. Like many others, I have found the traditions of the institutional church to be stifling, unfulfilling, and downright dangerous to my peace of mind and spiritual well-being.


Re-framing the Bible story has become for me an act of self-preservation. Continuing to try to embrace the incomprehensible and then to live thereby is for me impossible. To the extent I err, I will rely on God’s grace and love to set aside my failings. I can do no more nor anticipate any less of the God whose mercy endureth forever.